Saturday, September 19, 2009

Secret Weapon Miniatures

++ From the Warp ++ just posted an "In depth review: Secret Weapon Miniatures" that I'd like to recommend.

You can also head straight over to Secret Weapon Miniatures to see the latest, greatest thing in resin bases. All of my commission pieces, and my army, are based on Secret Weapon products.

Rumor has it conversion accessories are already on the way.

Go. Spend money. People will find you more sexually attractive if you own Secret Weapon bases.*

* This does not constitute a guarantee that using Secret Weapon products will make you more sexually attractive but, really, why not buy some anyway. It can't hurt.


King's Standard Bearer said...

Um, is Mr.Justin the CEO of SecretWeaponBases by any chance?

misterjustin said...

I may have had a hand in the launch.