Friday, July 17, 2009

Cadian Rough Rider Conversion 01

I entered a conversion competition on the RelicNews Community Forums - and while I have until October to get this guy finished I decided to jump in and get to work.

The horse and legs are those of an Empire Outrider. The torso was a simple swap. I used the greatcoat sans pistol arm and replaced it with the Sergeant chainsword. The laspistol arm is a simple swap and the head is a WFP Empire Pistolier.

The pants were sculpted with Magic Sculpt because I couldn't find my greenstuff. I like working with Magic Sculpt anyhow so I shan't cry. I decided to do the pants rolled because when I rode Western we never put our pants in our boots - because it's a good way to get stuff in your boot!

I found my greenstuff so I may add the Cadian shirttails. Otherwise there's not much left for this guy except the base and painting.

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