Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Commissioned Krieg Army - Command Vanquisher

I haven't posted a lot of photos of the Krieg army - at least not WIP shots - so I decided to post the start of this Command Vanquisher.

The model was put together by the client - Niroe if you're on Boot Camp or WIP - and the conversion work is his. I did a little bit of quick work on the seams for the double track guards but it's still a bit visible.

All three colors on the tank came out of Krylon spray cans - the camo colours tan, green and brown. From here I'll add a filter wash to blend things a bit and then drybrush. The work on this one should be reasonably quick.

More Krieg under the label...


RonSaikowski said...

Did you just spray paint the camo on? Looks good.

misterjustin said...

Yes, those colours all came out of Krylon spray cans. I used a masking putty between layers.

I can get a better camo with my airbrush - but there's nothing as quick as this method for multi-colour camo.