Friday, July 10, 2009

Video Tutorial - Quick Weathering Part 4: Pastel/Pigment Powders

Here is the fourth and final installment in my first weathering video tutorial series. This is a quick look at weathering with pastel/pigment powders. I weathered this a bit more heavily than I would have normally done so that it would show up on my little camera but the basic techniques are the same.

Tamiya 2.5 Ton Truck - example from the video

Video 1: Artist Pencils

Video 2: Dot Oil Filter

Video 3: Oil Grime & Rust


henrique said...

very good, cheap and effective :)

i cant wait to see the next instalment of your painting tutorials

out of context:

your voice sounds like those discovery channel documentaries

misterjustin said...

HA! I'll take the Discovery Channel comment as a compliment - so thank you.

If you have a suggestion or request for the next video feel free to drop a comment. I don't have any immediate plans for the next installment....

Itkovian said...

Really good. This was the technique I was most interested to see first hand. In you original tutorial on the truck cab, you mentioned using enamel thinner to remove any excess and bind the pigment more permanently to the model.

Would that be enough for a gaming piece, or would it be advisable to give it a coat of varnish, as done with the weathered decals on the same piece?

misterjustin said...

How you treat your pastels will vary from project to project. Generally you want to wait until the oil is dry - which I did not do in the video - but don't need another layer of sealer BEFORE pastels.

For gaming you should go a bit heavier in application because you WILL want to seal again and this will mask some of the pastels.

Uthn said...

Nice tutorials always a pleasure to look at. Gonna try that on the Dreadnought i plan to paint anytime soon.

Thanks again

misterjustin said...

Thanks for the comment. I hope you'll send a link or some photos when you get to that dreadnought :)