Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dark Angels Champion 02

I posted the Champion to the RelicNews Community Forum and got some good feedback. I took the advice and made some changes to the model -- my self criticism follows the image:

The highlights are much, much too thick. The elbow is especially sloppy. I'm not sure why and I didn't notice it until I took the photos.

Adding Snakebite to the hood made the transition much smoother - I like this change.

I need to work on smaller highlights although I think it will help to tackle the other arm from start to finish without pause. I would have been hard pressed to match any of the color I used previously to clean up the mistakes I made here so I had to leave them. I could create a NEW midtone and go backwards... but this is a practice model so I'll just do the other arm.

I would love some additional feedback! Chime in here or click through the link to RelicNews above and comment in the thread.

Bring it on, folks. Get nitpicky, be blunt and help me get to the standard I'm aiming for. In the interim I'll get to work on the next arm....


King's Standard Bearer said...

hey dude, I found you via Not Yet Done's shoutout but have seen your work before when doing random google image searches. In particular I loved you Commissar's Tank conversion. I'll be doing one at some point in the future, but its going to be a Commissariat Command vehicle, using the FW salamander

misterjustin said...

A shotout from Not Yet Done? I do believe this is news to me....

I'm glad you liked the Commissar tank. It's one of my favorites. Heavily inspired by the Taipan army I'd seen a long time ago. Good luck with your conversion!