Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Finished Arvus Lighter Commission

I painted this model for Niroe - usually found on the Boot Camp and WIP forums - using the oil methods over a Krylon grey primer base. I used a bit of Tamiya XF-62 "Olive Drab" on the cockpit and one panel on each wing.

The engines got a bit of powder weathering to get the blue heat effect. I drybrushed the exhaust Boltgun and then Bronze before adding another blue wash.

The decals were weathered with sandpaper -- remember, before you use sandpaper on a decal it's gloss, decal, gloss and then sandpaper. If you're going to do additional weathering, like the dot oil method I used, an additional matte coat is applied first.

And unless Niroe wants to see something changed this one is finished and it's time to move on. Next up... probably another tank.


Itkovian said...

That is a really nice job, I'm sure the guy will be proud.

Were the colours for the oils the same for your tutorials, by the way? I'd like to recreate this scheme for my vehicles, it looks really effective.

Oh, I've been meaning to comment on the video tutorials, but my work's IE does not seem to like the way the comment box is embedded when you go into the post itself... Anyway, they are extremely useful - it's much easier to get a feel for a technique when you're watching someone do it than when you're just reading what to do. I'll be aquiring some oils as soon as possible. Do you drybrush the Krylon grey itself (I noticed you do for the green, but don't mention that you do for the grey).

Sorry for the long post, and thanks again!

misterjustin said...

I don't remember drybrushing anything on this model except the exhaust markings and the engines. I may have drybrushed the green but I really don't remember now.

The colors are the same as the tutorials, yes. Over the Krylon grey primer you get this nice grey/green battleship color.

I'm glad you found the videos useful. I feel the same way about video vs. static pictures and was glad for the opportunity to try my hand at video tutorials.

Itkovian said...

Thanks. If I wanted to make it more of a blue tint, would reducing the amount of yellow work, or would I have to remove it completely and maybe replace it with another colour? Sorry for using this as a bit of a QandA...

misterjustin said...

No worries on any Q&A; I'm happy to answer questions.

Reducing the yellow would give you more of a blue tint - but if you're going for a specific color I recommend trying a few combinations on a scrap piece of model somewhere first. If you don't have a spare bit of model try a piece of foil or plasticard. That way you can find the right combination to achieve the effect you're after.

Itkovian said...

Thanks for the advice! I'll do just that.